Free Team Build Club Sales Funnel For Your Leads

Watch This Video To Learn How To Give Me Your Leads So I Can Make A Free Lead Generating Viral Sales Page For Your Leads With Your Money Making Opportunities In Your Lead's Sales Page…

Here's How It Works

I’m going to take your TBC Leads (or any lead you may have) and run them through my powerful Sales Funnel System specially coded to YOU.

Go here: and post the info below - ONE AT A TIME - in your PM area of our Monster Domain Support Group!

  • Name Of Program Example: Team Build Club Lead(any lead from a biz op will also work)
  • Your Lead's Full Name = ?    
  • Your Lead's Email Address = ? 

When I Have Your Sales Page Built & Programmed I Will Place It In My Monster Domain COOP!



If You Have Not Joined TBC Yet


And Join One Of Our Team Build Club Members In The COOP

Yes.. If You Qualify We Will Place Your TBC Referral Link In This COOP!


When I have your lead placed in my sales funnel system I’ll ask for another lead - PLEASE DO NOT GIVE ME ANOTHER LEAD UNTIL I ASK FOR IT. 

When that lead responds to my Free Lead Generating Viral Sales Email Offer I will build them a Sales Page with... Your Sales Page Referral Links In Their Sales Page!

Once I have their sales page built I will send them an email with instructions on what to do next. 

I will also CC you with the same email. 

When you receive that email you will want to contact them and start building a relationship. 

Invite them into our Team Build Support Group here: where you can start working with them... getting them to  join ALL your offers... NOW in their sales page.

If they do NOT join your offers... YOUR referral links will stay in their sales page when I  build a F*r.e.e. Lead Generating Viral Sales Page for their TBC leads!

This is how your offers can GO VIRAL!

Ok you know what to do…

I'll be waiting for you the the Monster Domain Support Group.


Silver Fox


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